Lake Garda - Lombardy - Italy


Alessandro Cutolo has it going on. Passionate, intuitive, respectful, young- he is a modern purist who is committed to doing his best to achieve the best. Farming older vine Turbiana (Trebbiano di Lugana) grapes on the southern shores of Lake Garda and turning them into precious wines is his gig. He has a small plot of land especially for his Chiaretto- Mostly Groppello, followed by Marzamino, and a bits of Barbera and Sangiovese.  What a fabulous rose this is! Elegant and timeless with soft strawberries, bright acidity and heaps of minerality.  Oh joy!

There are no manipulations at Azienda Agricola Marangona.  Farming is done sustainably with a careful attention to very low environmental impact; this is his land, the land of his family- there is no other way. Making wine naturally that fully expresses the grape, the sun and the soil is his objective. He is more than good at it.

Proof? It’s in the bottle- a deliciously elegant Lugana with hints of lemon blossom and fresh white fruit; a balanced wine with the right minerality and crisp clean flavors. Sophisticated, not pretentious.


Lugana DOP

Native yeast fermentation, 22-year-old vines, hand picked into boxes- the old fashion way, the way it should be.

The Turbiana grapes are processed whole to preserve the typical characteristics and maximum aromas of this native grape. Fermentation takes place in steel at a low temperature, on the lees for a period of 3 or 4 months, which produce wines with a light bouquet of white flower and white-fleshed fruit, non-obtrusive and remarkable drinkability.

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Garda Classico Chiaretto DOP

Made from a blend of groppello, marzamino, sangiovese, and barbera, this wine spent only a few hours on the must to preserve the freshness and balance of this rose. Classic aromas of rose petal, strawberry, and raspberry lead the flavor profile with a strong mineral core functioning to give structure, acidity, and length to this bottling. Balanced, refreshing, and perfectly delicate.