55 hectares

from 150 - 500 meters above sea level

Toscana Bianco igt, Chianti docg, Toscana rosso igt,

Vin Santo doc

sustainable - organic

Florence - Tuscany - Italy

 In Tuscany, it is said that the fragrances and flavors of the vineyard drift up to meet the moon on cool summer nights giving Chianti it’s uniqueness and character. Alessandro Nieri’s 55 hectars of vineyards have been passed down since 1895. It is here in Fucecchio that he mindfully attends the vineyards as his father did before him and allows nature and the mystic of Tuscany to do the rest.

The villa at Fattoria Montellori is heavenly. Meticulous museum quality gardens touched with art in an array of different mediums from metals to rock to topiary; perfecting the art of nature in both the garden and the vineyard. While the traditional grapes of the region are cultivated with love, some non traditional grapes have gained popularity at the farm as well. It is here that Alessandro Nieri mixes time honored Tuscan grapes with dash ofclassic French- giving their wines an added dimension that is cleverly stunning in good measure. 

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mandorlo 2016.jpg

Mandorlo Tuscana Bianco igt

A blend of Chardonnay, Sauvignon and Viognier grown at 500 meters above sea level in limestone soil creating a delicious fresh minerality that screams, “drink me!” Manual harvest then fermented in stainless steel tanks, this is a wine to drink now. Deep, young and persistent aromas. Glistening yellow color with light green tints. White flowers and citrus notes occupy your nose. Elegant taste, well balanced and harmonic with a good acidity and crisp mineral notes. Length and complex is it’s middle name.

50% Chardonnay, 25% Sauvignon blanc and 25% Viognier - Stainless steel

poggio 2015.jpg

Chianti Poggio Alla Luna

A deliciously approachable blend of Sangiovese and Merlot fermented in stainless steel tanks for a period of 6 to 8 months, to preserve the fruity taste and young wine flavors. A fabulous everyday wine; deep purple in color with hints of magenta. Typical aromas of Sangiovese: red strawberry fruits, violet and Morello cherry fill the nose. Poggio Alla Luna fills your mouth with lush fruits and good acidity; very well balanced. A fundamental expression of the terroir of the Cerreto Guidi’s vineyard.

90% Sangiovese, 10% Merlot  Stainless steel

chianti 2013 copy.jpg


This is the back bone of Alessandro Nieri’s collection. This dry, 100% Sangiovese is from the Cerreto Guidi vineyard. A wine for the people, authentic and and sincere- to be enjoyed by all. As the local proverb says: bread for a day, wine for a year. Fermentation with maceration in stainless steel tanks and aged for 12 months partially in steel tanks to preserve the fruity taste and partially in cement tanks to promote the round mouth feel and intense color. Vivacious purple in color, this is an elegant and intriguing Sangiovese. Strong and persistent aromas of cherry and red juicy berry fruits, good acidity and tannin. Well balanced.

100% Sangiovese 13.5 % alcohol  -  6,660 cases

moro 2014.jpg

Moro Toscana Rosso IGT

A dry flavorful blend of mostly Sangiovese with a small percentage of Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot from the Moro vineyard in Cerreto Guidi. The vineyard are 150 meters above sea level which guarantee good body and color. Hand harvest starts late in September, then fermented in steel tanks for 20 days. Moro is aged in second passage Barrique and 500 lt. Tonneaux for 1 year increasing its aromas and intensity before resting in bottle for 6 to 9 months. Moro is dark garnet red with red fruits, aromatic herbal notes and a slight earthen nose that is captivating. Moro has wonderful body, persistence and harmony.

70% Sangiovese, 30% Cabernet-Merlot, 1 year in old and new oak

13% alcohol  -  2,910 cases


Rosso Toscana Dicatum

Composed from the finest Sangiovese from the Cerreto Guidi Vineyard; hand picked in mid September. Arising out of deep clay soil, these vines give to the grape a pleasing acidity and body. Deep rich color from the 12 months in French oak barrels; Dicatum has an elegant nose of red berry fruits and tangy cherries. Bottled for 2 years before t’s released- the ripe red fruits with a touch of balsamic notes on the palate is elegant. Soft with well balanced tannins, long and great structure. A Sangiovese to take pleasure in from beginning to end.

100% Sangiovese 12 months in French oak

14% alcohol -  1,160 cases


Vin Santo Bianco dell’Empolese

Desert wine is made from 100% Trebbiano that is hand harvested at the beginning of September. The best selected grapes are dried naturally is a controlled area of the winery until February- March. Then, the grapes are pressed and wine-making starts in small oak barrels called “Caratelli” where the Vin Santo Montellori stays for a minimum of 5 years. The end product is a lustrous amber color with gold tints. A desert wine with complex notes of dry fruits and figs along with sweet impressions of honey. Vin Santo is a very persistent and deeply aromatic wine.

Vin Santo is a splendid way to end a meal. Superb with hard cheeses, sweet almonds cakes such as Torta Mantovana with poached fruit and a dollop of whipped cream, or a quick custard like Crema Pasticcera with a few berries. Chocolate biscotti and dried fruits are always an easy pairing, as well.

100% Trebbiano 5 years in oak barrels

15% alcohol 12/500 ml. 330 cases produced